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"Thank you for your interest in TeamDemonic"
In order to be on TD we must let you know a little about TD.
First and foremost, TD is all about FUN!!!
We play for the pure enjoyment of playing
whether it be Carball or CTF, we are about FUN.
We believe in TEAMWORK, as NO MAN is a team by himself.

If you are found to be harassing another teammate or another player on any server
We Will get notified and you will be warned - ONCE.
Any more infractions after that and you are history. We do not tolerate bad behavior!

We are open to suggestions for our Forum, mapping, or whatever
just ask and we will see if "IT" can be accomplished, whatever "IT" may be.
So, on that note, Enjoy The game and we will see you online.

Thank You

Request to Join Team Demonic
by clicking this link:
Be it known that: I have read and will abide by the good sportsmanship policy
set by TeamDemonic and there neighboring server administrators

when playing on a TD server or elsewhere with or without the "-=TD=-" Tag

a response email will be sent back to you "Do not Tag Up untill You are Acepted"